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Medical study 6

Framework for Personalized Real-Time Control of Hidden Temperature Variables in Therapeutic Knee Cooling

“Studies have shown that the cryotherapy should be controlled depending on the individual patient’s feedback on the cooling, which raises the need for smart personalized therapy.”

Direct quote from the abstract

“The range and the accuracy of 1°C for the cooling temperature was set according to the specifications of cryotherapeutic devices, namely, the CTS100.”

Direct quote from methods sub-section C Predictive modelling

Take home message

  • Marvle Medical recognises the need for personalized real-time control of internal temperature in therapeutic cooling for all segments & joints within arms & legs. The cTreatment concept already offers surgery specific treatment protocols. This approach is unique within the world cryotherapy & medical devices.

  • However Waegener shares modern medicine vision of patient specific care. Therefore the Marvle Medical department are currently developing personalized simulation software for internal temperature of body segments & joints. To meet the need for smart personalized therapy, Marvle Medical's R&D department are working on patient specific cryotherapy protocols, in which therapies will be generated according to patient specific parameters & surgery specific tissues that need to be cooled.

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