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Will you become a cTreatment distributor?

Marvle Medical is looking for distributors for the distribution of medical products. Is your organisation looking for advanced evidence based medicine products that will amaze your customers. Check this site and please contact us!

Our powerfull introduction

The company is founded in 2004

Focus on R&D to create innovative medical applications

In house production to guarantee high quality

Head office is located in Antwerp, Belgium

We are looking for...

A distributor with experience in the distribution of medical products

You have good contacts with private hospitals that preferably have their own rehabilitation centre

You offer support in securing a quality system for medical devices

You have the ability to handle logistical tasks. Such as storage our products and shipping them to your customers

Your company has an enthusiastic sales team and is regularly present at trade fairs and events

Last but not least, we want to share our knowledge.
We get to train your people so that they dream of our products... 

Select an option

Bedankt voor de inzending!

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