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Keep it simple!


cTreatment stands for ease of use. 

Each cPad contains a chip that stores all patient data and all information related to the treatment. 


We score all points when it comes to safety. For example, it is only possible to start treatments that are suitable for the part of the body to be treated.

If the patient moves from one device to another, no problem. The patient's cPad contains all the information and once connected to the device, it will simply pick up where you left off.

Time saving

In this way, the healthcare professional will not lose any unnecessary time with adjusting the settings each time. Let cTreatment take care of you!

Quality of temperature treatments

cTreatment vs. competitor x
Competitor X
Numerous studies have already shown that cooling with a cooling device is not always better than cooling with ice.

Why is this? For an efficient treatment, you have to take into account a few points. 

Who is my patient? In other words, is the patient a tiny little girl, a trained athlete or a more than healthy bon vivant? It seems obvious, but among other things, your fat mass determines a lot of the efficiency, and you have to take it into account when treating.


The liquid volume of the pad Many pads on the market contain minimal amounts of liquid. Since we are extracting heat, there must be enough fluid to be able to extract it.


The shape of the pad This is essential for the temperature exchange between body and pad to be efficient. This in combination with compression must ensure a perfect fit with the body. 

During the development of cTreament the outcome of the treatment is always central. Check our studies that show that cTreatment does what we say it does.


Discover why cTreatment is better than other cooling devices or ice  

cTreatment is taking into account a number of parameters, that are very important in relation to this cold modality.  


The second part is that you can have a very long and continuous cooling effect within the tissue and this is done by energy extraction. So cTreatment is based on the principles of thermodynamics where we can have a very long continuous energy extraction which means that the metabolism of the tissue will go down resulting in a cooler tissue. And also within sports to go in depth you need long treatment times. Long treatment times can also only be reached if you take in consideration certain temperature thresholds and those thresholds are integrated in cTreatment.

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