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  • Can an allergic reaction occur with the use of cTreatment?
    Allergic reactions were never reported before and cannot occur as the cPads are biocompatible, so anti-allergic and latex free.
  • Is it difficult to use cTreatment when multiple parameters are taken into account?
    No, the strength of the cTreatment concept is simplicity. The user-friendly interface ensures that everything can be entered smoothly and no errors can occur.
  • Which parameters are used to create a treatment?
    Waegener discovered that an indication doesn’t have to be treated with 1 flat cooling approach, but each different phase in the healing process needs a different protocol. Therefore cTreatment takes the following parameters into account; body part, indication, morphology, phase in the recovery process.
  • Is it possible to leave the CTS100 switched on 24/7?
    Yes, the device has been developed to be turned on 24/7.
  • Can the CTS100 be used on any power grid?
    No, the CTS100 may only be used on a 230V/50Hz power grid.
  • Is any maintenance required?
    The CTS100 is maintenance free and does not require preventive inspection.
  • Can a cPad be disinfected?
    The cPad can be disinfected but do not use organic solvents.
  • Why is there a RFID chip integrated in the cPad?
    When connecting the cPad to the cServer, the device will automatically read all patient specific data and the correct treatment will automatically be performed, not leaving any risk for mistakes or abuse by medical professionals, patients or third parties.
  • What liquid is in the cPads?
    Every cPad contains a mixture of mono-propylene glycol and distilled water. This liquid is food grade/non toxic which makes the cPad safe to use.
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