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Trigon Orthopedia

Dr. Daniel Kozyra

Specialist in orthopaedics, traumatology and medical rehabilitation

Patients recover more quickly and can also resume their daily activities much more quickly.

Manchester United

Dr. Steve Mc Nally

Head of Football Medicine and Science

cTreatment has become an essential part of our routine injury management and post-operative recovery protocols.

Vienna Private Clinic Währing

Mrs. Pia Hernuss

Managing Director

As a patient I am fully convinced of the care that cTreatment brings.

Orthopädie-zentrum in Innere Stadt

Dr. Pejman Ziai

Orthopedic, Trauma and Sport surgeon

The system has proven itself in the post-operative treatment, as well in the post-traumatic treatment of joints and soft tissue.

Bergman Clinics

Mr. Rob Tamminga

Sports Physiotherapist

Since applying cTreatment in the hospital, he has noticed that patients experience faster relief from pain and swelling. 

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