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Medical study 1

Knee temperatures measured in vivo after arthroscopic ACL reconstruction followed by cryotherapy with gel-packs or computer controlled heat extraction

“The cooling effect of the arthroscopy irrigation

fluid on the knee temperature is evident in the first 2 h of treatment. The energy extraction is significantly more effective and controllable by computer controlled cryotherapy than with frozen gel-packs.”

Direct quote from conclusion

Take home message

cTreatment has following effects on patient’s tissue temperatures:

The temperatures were significantly lower on the skin (p<0.01), in the subcutaneous tissue (p = 0.01), and the difference between the temperature in the intracondylar notch and the subcutaneous tissue was significantly greater (p = 0.01) in the computer controlled cryotherapy group compared to the gel-pack group.

“Despite the higher temperatures of the cooling liquid, the computer controlled cryotherapy is significantly more effective than the classical method of cooling with frozen gel-packs, both in deep and superficial tissues of the knee.”

Direct quote from conclusion

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