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Medical study 3

Impact of a new cryotherapy device on early rehabilitation after primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA): a prospective randomised controlled trial

“Computer-controlled cooling therapy provides significant benefits in terms of early post-operative remobilisation with respect to early range of motion (ROM), which might be attributed to a reduced inflammatory response, as well as reduced secretion and bleeding. The new cryotherapy device appears to be a safe and efficient procedure in clinical practice.”

Direct quote from conclusion

Take home message

  • Patients using cTreatment concept show statistically significant benefit of ROM with an average gain of 7 degrees (p = 0.021). This is a unique finding compared to other cryotherapy studies using other cryotherapy devices as shown in table 3.

  • Pain scores were lower on the numeric rating scale (NRS) for knee “in motion” was significantly lower in the cTreatment group (p = 0.034).

Conflict of interest

MG and RWP have received funding by Marvle Medical, Belgium and financed study nurses to obtain the data. The remaining authors report no potential conflict of interest.

Source of funding The company Marvle Medical provided funds to finance the study nurse who acquired data for this study. Compliance with ethical standards.

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