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Medical study 5

Cryotherapy after Total Knee Arthroplasty provides faster recovery and better ranges of motion in short term follow up. Results of a prospective comparative study

“This advanced cryotherapy device is safe in respect of postoperative complications, improves knee function and decreases swelling in the early rehabilitation phase.”

Direct quote from the abstract

Take home messages

  • cTreatment brings no additional complications compared to AMC’s fast recovery protocol, therefore investigators confirmed it is safe to use.

  • This investigators confirm that patients who are using cTreatment for 4 days, show statistically significant reduced swelling of the knee joint.

This effect lasts up to 2 weeks after surgery. (p-value < 0,05)

  • The investigators also found that patients using cTreament for 4 days, have better knee function this effect lasts up to 6 weeks af- ter surgery. A statistically significant difference (p-value <0,05) is found for knee flexion.

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