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Infection Risk

The cPad is suitable for single patient use only and therefore excludes cross contamintion. cTreatment, in turn, has a reducing effect on inflammatory processing associated with surgery.  

Patient Specific Treatments

Every body is unique. To apply temperature treatments successfully, you need to consider different parameters of the patient. For example, patients with a higher fat percentage need a treatment that takes longer to cool through a mass. To do this safely, a variety of temperatures and times must be adapted. 


The cServer and the cPad are designed so that they can be used perfectly during treatment on the CPM. 

24/7 Ready to use

The cServer is always at your disposal. Connect the cPad and you are ready to treat the patient. Our devices are very quiet in use and make smart use of your energy. 

No Frostbite

By combining different temperatures and application times according to the patient, cTreatment generates a 100% safe and effective treatment. 

Indication Specific 

Each indication requires a different and specific approach. cTreatment offers a unique system that gives the patient the right treatment at each stage of recovery. 

Reduction Of Pain Medication

Multiple studies show that cTreatment significantly reduces pain. As a result, the patient hardly needs to be administered pain medication.


Check our studies!

# Study 2  -  # Study 4

# Study 5

Accurate Temperature

The cServer was specifically developed to accurately apply the cTreatment protocols. The cServer has an accuracy of 1°C and can be used unlimited in time. 

Intuitive User Interface

We like to keep things simple. cTreatment contains complex software that takes into account different parameters of the patient, type of surgery and stage of recovery. Our user interface lets you immediately start the perfect treatment for your patient with a few clicks.

Smart Tag Technology


cTreatment stands for ease of use. 

Each cPad contains a chip that stores all patient data and all information related to the treatment. 


We score all points when it comes to safety. For example, it is only possible to start treatments that are suitable for the part of the body to be treated.

When the patient moves from one device to another, no problem. The patient's cPad contains all the information and once connected to the device, it will simply pick up where you left off.

Time saving

In this way, the healthcare professional will not lose any unnecessary time with adjusting the settings each time. Let cTreatment take care of you!

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